Five reasons Zole is the best app to transfer money internationally

Five reasons Zole is the best app to transfer money internationally

As a newcomer to Canada, adjusting to the weather, planning your finances, and culture is stressful enough.

You shouldn’t have to add worrying about paying your tuition, investing in the economy, or paying salaries for your staff back home to your to-do.

This is why we’ve made sending money internationally easy for you.

Here are at least five reasons Nigerians and Canadians choose the Zole app to make their transfers.

Unless you stop reading, there is a 99.9% guarantee you’ll join them, too.

1. Get the most competitive exchange rates.

At Zole, we understand every dollar counts, especially when you're starting a new life, so we offer the most competitive interest rate.

You get:

  • Lowest rates in the market
  • No hidden fees
  • Almost instant transactions

In case you were wondering:

How do I know Zole's exchange rates are competitive?

All you have to do is check. Our rates are up for all to see in real-time on the platform, or contact our customer support for information.

Will I be charged extra fees?

There are no hidden fees. Zole takes pride in its transparent fee structure. You'll know exactly how much your transaction will cost upfront without hidden fees.

How often do exchange rates change?

Exchange rates fluctuate frequently due to market conditions but we provide real-time rates on our app, helping you make informed transaction decisions.

2. Send money to any phone number.

Today, Dole is the only platform where you can send money internationally via phone numbers.

It is time to say goodbye to the hassles of requesting account numbers, saving them, and updating them.

From your phone number to anyone on your contact list, Zole lets you conveniently send and receive money from family and friends.

You get:

  • Convenient phonebook integration
  • Effortless fund sending
  • Reduced errors

In case you were wondering:

What if I want to send money to a contact not in my phone book?

Easy. Add the number to your phone book and send it.

What if I send money to a contact who hasn’t registered on Zole?

The person gets a text immediately with directions on registering and claiming their money.

How long does it take to send money to Nigeria?

Less than 5 minutes.

3. Set up recurring transfers in one click

Wish you didn’t have to endure the stress of always sending money manually?

With Zole, you can easily set up daily, weekly, or monthly transfers with just one click, eliminating the need for repetitive manual initiation.

This automated system lets you focus on other priorities, giving you more control and peace of mind. You get:

  • Effortless automation
  • Control and convenience
  • Peace of mind

In case you were wondering:

Can I customize my frequency?

Yes. You can choose to send daily, weekly, or monthly.

Can I stop a recurring transfer?

Yes, just go to the app, click recurring transfer, and follow the prompt.

Is the exchange rate for recurring transfers fixed?

No, they’re flexible to get you the best real-time rates.

4. Send money to yourself without stress

The Zole app offers you both a Nigerian and a Canadian wallet. You can transfer Naira from your Nigerian wallet to your Canadian wallet.

You can also transfer dollars from your Canadian wallet to your Nigerian wallet and easily move from your Nigerian wallet to your Nigerian Bank account. With Zole, you’ll never be stranded.

You get:

  • Transfers across borders.
  • Self-transfers for flexibility.
  • Dual wallet advantage.

In case you were wondering:

How secure is the Zole app for managing cross-border finances?

Your security is important to us. We use advanced encryption protocols and secure authentication methods to safeguard your financial data, ensuring a safe and protected environment for your transactions.

Do I still enjoy a competitive exchange rate even when I transfer to myself?

Absolutely. Zole's competitive rate is always available whether you send money to your friends or yourself.

Can I set up recurring transfers between my Canadian and Nigerian Wallet?

You can set up weekly, daily, or monthly transfers to do other things.

Are there any transfer fees between my Nigerian and Canadian wallets?

No, there aren’t. Transfers are free.

5. User-friendly interactive interface and dedicated customer support

Our user-friendly interface makes sending money as easy as sending a text message. Managing your money is simple, even for beginners.

Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to assist, ensuring your inquiries and concerns are promptly addressed for a seamless and satisfying user journey.

You get:

  • Easy-to-use app for your transfers
  • 24/7 support availability
  • Enhanced user satisfaction

In case you were wondering:

Is Zole easy to use for those new to digital finance?

Absolutely! Zole prioritizes user-friendliness. Our interface is designed for intuitive navigation, ensuring beginners and experienced users can confidently manage their finances.

How can I reach Zole's customer support if I have an issue?

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 through social media and email.

Don’t just take our word for it. Download Zole today and join a continuously growing community who have found Dole to be more than a money transfer app. We’re a reliable companion to help you achieve your dreams.

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